Watch the Long Lost FLIR1 Original Footage of the Nimitz Tic-Tac UFO

Watch the Long Lost Original 2007 Footage of the Nimitz Tic-Tac UFO

Important Note: This is the original higher-resolution FLIR1 video *with audio* of the Nimitz UFO "Tic-Tac" event that was first posted on the German site Vision Unlimited before making it's way to YouTube, and then being deleted from all platforms. It was originally titled "f4.mpg" and despite claims from some who wrongly believe otherwise, there is no "high definition" version, this was shot on Hi8 as confirmed to me in person by Cmdr. David Fravor, the pilot who witnessed the TicTac UFO from his F/A-18 fighter jet. It remained lost for over a decade until being uncovered by filmmaker Jeremy Corbell and later the New York Times & Tom DeLonge's To The Stars Academy brought it back into the spotlight in December 2017 by re-publishing the video. Share this wide so it never disappears again!

In December of 2017 a New York Times article claimed that the Department of Defense had released FLIR pod camera footage showing an unusual object that was filmed by a F/A-18 jet fighter crew just hours after the more famous sighting that was described in detail by Commander David Fravor. The experienced pilot managed to actually get eyes on the strange air vehicle, one that he describes as looking like a "large Tic-Tac" and performing maneuvers the likes of which he had never witnessed from any known airplane. This, and two other videos filmed from military aircraft, was quickly picked up by the To The Stars Academy, founded and headed up by Tom DeLonge and comprised of a host of former officials from the Defense Department, scientists from various areas of study, and aerospace industry experts.

What is perhaps less known is that this footage was originally released on the web in early 2007 on a handful of websites around the web. This version of the footage has become the stuff of folklore among the UFO community largely because of the fact that it simply disappeared for more than a decade without explanation. This video retains it's original audio, which is stripped out of the new "official" versions. The footage was originally uploaded to a German site at the time, but those servers have long been shut down and the relevant page is not even available on archive sites like WayBack Machine. In 2013 a Reddit thread made mention of the event but didn't have footage. In 2015 a pilot friend of Cmdr. Fravor's wrote a blog post about the event, but it also contained no footage, tho it did mention the video we present here, when it explained, "Somehow the tape made its way to YouTube.  A few years after the incident, when first telling me the story, Dave pointed me to the link.  It was unremarkable without the background information.  But folded into context it was amazing, especially the slow-mo of the dot accelerating out of screen.  For years I told the story to friends and showed them the video as punctuation.  However last month when I called Dave to refresh my memory before sitting down to write this bizarre encounter, he informed me that the video had been removed from YouTube.  He told me that a government agency with a three letter identifier had recently conducted an investigation into the AAVs and had exhaustively interviewed all parties involved."

At the 2019 McMinnville, Oregon UFO Festival CMDR Fravor clarified to us that this is the original footage, there is no version that's higher resolution than this one because it was shot on analog Hi8 tapes and then digitized. He also mentioned that he used to send friends the link to the YouTube version while telling his story about the encounter until it disappeared at one point.

Today, we present the footage in full, and WITH the original audio intact. We welcome anyone to copy, save, and share this video along with the audio portion so that it will now remain forever in the public domain, unaltered, and without watermarks.

Alcyone Project is a private group dedicated to truth in the UFO phenomena. This release is part of that effort and we will continue our cause of Disclosure until all releasable UFO materials held by the U.S. Government are released to the public.

Note: Due to compression on sites like YouTube where the above video is hosted, the actual resolution is slower than the original we possess. The version on our drives is the highest resolution version available.

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