Admiral Wilson/Eric Davis UFO Secret Program Meeting Notes Revealed; "Leak of the Century"

Admiral Thomas Wilson

"UFO Leak of the Century" -Richard Dolan, June 8, 2019.

The 15-pages linked below are what are believed to be the personal notes of Dr. Eric Davis regarding a private meeting held with Admiral Thomas Wilson. This meeting was to discuss the Admiral's apparent dissatisfaction with not being given access to well hidden UFO programs within the government as explained to him by Dr. Steven Greer, Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, and others. This is the mysterious 'smoking gun' that researchers like Grant Cameron and Richard Dolan have been talking about for years. Dolan said in this YouTube Live video, while dissecting the document page by page, that he believes it to be genuine.

How was this discovered?

The link to the document was posted to Twitter by user Capt. Space Pirate, AKA Teresa Tindal, who also happens to author the informative Tindal Review. She found the link to the material on the r/aliens section of Reddit, where it had sat unnoticed for well over a month! (The Imgur link hosting the document shows an upload date of April 19th.) Well done Teresa!

Here's some very informative context for this story as provided by OmniTalk Radio's Giuliano MarinkovicPentagon 1997 UFO Briefing 
Former EG&G Special Projects Bldg. (811 Grier Dr. in Las Vegas, NV) is believed to be where the meeting took place.
Imagery: Google Earth 

The Richard Dolan Page-by-Page Breakdown


  1. Yes Teresa Tindal did re-post the document from reddit. But who was the one that originally posted it on reddit? Dr. Eric Davis must be very busy right now.

    1. Richard Dolan did an update video that covers as much of this as can be revealed at the moment.


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