Breaking: Dr. Greer Interview & Notes from Jimmy Church's Fade to Black Radio

Dr. Steven Greer was interviewed June 17th by Jimmy Church for his Fade to Black radio show regarding the incredible circumstances surrounding the Pentagon's top secret UFO reverse engineering program.

UPDATE: Interview is now posted to YouTube here.

Greer did not hold back in his comments and criticisms of those he perceives as using the current UFO disclosure conversation to perpetuate what he believes is a false narrative put forth by certain groups and individuals in the form of an invented pending alien threat. Greer claims those who support the "Alien Threat" narrative are misleading the rest of the population into following them down a pathway towards increased military spending and perpetual warfare. He claims to have been threatened, offered bribes to cease his work, and much more, among many other shocking claims. Below, find the first paraphrased transcript from this historic interview as provided by Twitter user "UFOR&DBoard."