About the Disclosure Day Initiative Call to Action on UFO Secrecy

Today, at the same moment all around the globe, a united coalition of concerned Ufologists and researchers all posted the same Call to Action against continued UFO secrecy. 

This initiative is a grass-roots push to encourage any and all researchers, ufologists, scientists, aerospace and advanced technology executives and their peers, holding withheld documents or knowledge that could enact immediate and real change in energy production, advanced propulsion, etc., to reveal what they know to the general public in an effort to kickstart serious disclosure. We must be very clear, we do not encourage nor condone in any way, anyone breaking their national security oaths or government NDAs or in any way putting national security at risk, but rather we call on those who hold private information that is immediately releasable to the public to do so in the name of the Disclosure movement. 

There are countless scientists who wrote Defense Intelligence Reference Documents what have yet to see the light of day, despite being technically publicly accessible. There are aerospace companies sitting on methods of propulsion that could barely be conceived by the average person. There are ways to generate free energy that would benefit every living being on this planet within a few short months if the technology was made known and put to immediate use. 

The "UFO Leak of the Century" as described by researcher Richard Dolan, the Admiral Wilson leaked private notes by Physicist Eric Davis, showed all of us how a single document, released by a single individual with the courage and willingness to do so, enabled one of the most important sea-changes in the UFO discussion in decades. Now imagine if there were dozens, if not hundreds, of similar documents released to the public.

Closely related to this effort in it's end goal is this impassioned Open Letter to Tom Delonge written by a Twitter User with an interest in UFO Disclosure. Let's all do our part to speak up, get loud, get shameless about UFOs and demand to know the true state of energy technology and demand a better world for ourselves and those who come after. 

Feel free to copy the Call to Action above and share on your social media accounts using the hashtag #DisclosureDay

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Update: A special message from the original Twitter user who created the #DisclosureDay initiative:

Humanity's first acknowledged off-world mission to another body in our solar system launched fifty years ago today. This daring missing, the Apollo 11 spaceflight, only took place due to passionate space enthusiasts who allowed their curiosity about the universe to be made manifest. The dreams of engineers, scientists, mission control operators, millions of people around the world watching from home, and the courageous astronauts who risked everything for the opportunity to explore the unknown, allowed humanity to have a small taste of their future destiny as a space faring civilization. A moment of eternal significance for our species: the successful expedition ignited a fiery passion and additional missions followed.   

Meanwhile, at undisclosed locations in corporate labs, remote military bases, and deep underground bunkers, Special Access Projects continued to study technological and biological treasures. The United States UFO cover-up organization - originally directed by the founder of the Manhattan Project Dr. Vannevar Bush - spent billions of dollars annually attempting to figure out the secrets of a series of extraterrestrial vehicles obtained from a string of crashes during the forties and fifties - potentially starting with what's known as the Roswell Incident. Progress happened and reverse engineering successfully took place. The resulting knowledge of vacuum engineering allowed craft to be built that made the liquid fueled Saturn V rocket used by the Apollo missions completely antiquated.  

Those in control of the truth embargo withheld all knowledge of these advanced vehicles and the fact multiple extraterrestrial species - perhaps among other types of entities - were visiting our planet. As they continued to archive warehouses full of evidence and improve their understanding of vacuum engineering, the vast bulk of military leadership, the democratically elected office holders within the congress and senate, and the billions of human beings with a fundamental right to know were continually kept in the dark. This grand deception has continued to present day.   

The reasons why the actions of those who have been sequestering this knowledge and technology add together to constitute an atrocity are too numerous for this short essay. Suffice it to say, if they had done their duty and told the truth early on, instead of setting themselves as the overlords of our species, the past seventy years could have transpired far differently. The technology alone could have brought an end to the fossil fuel age and prevented massive ecological devastation! Moreover, if the civilian world had been given access to the technology instead of a handful of SAPs (all leeching taxpayer dollars like parasites) human could have already spread out among the many bodies of our solar system and potentially much farther. Instead of accelerating manned space exploration, the powers that be made sure it would only sputter along at a snail's pace, trying to make use of primitive rocketry based technologies.   

Perhaps even more jarringly to those who look up and ponder about the mysteries of the universe, these tyrants denied us the answer to the question, "Are we alone?" Worse, through flat out lies, disinformation, and intelligence operations, they fought to make sure we didn't learn the answer on our own. And they did so repeatedly, mocking our own intelligence with phony, made up explanations such as those in the Air Force report, "Roswell: Case Closed."   

Today, on the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11, we unite together to end the multi-generational campaign of secrecy called the UFO/ET cover-up. Aware of the fact we collectively hold all the information needed to unlock and throw off the chains they have bound us with, we lay all of our cards on the table -- all evidence of this phenomena will be shared openly with the world. We take this specific action because:  Waiting for them to do the right thing has resulted in years of having to endure their continual efforts to lead us away from the truth.   

Waiting for them to finally develop a conscious has resulted in long time researchers passing away without living to see the fruit of their efforts.   

Waiting for them to realize they are not the ultimate authority of our species has resulted in massive human suffering due to critical vacuum engineering technologies being withheld which could allow us to overcome the many challenges we face: hunger, famine, climate change, pollution, homelessness, poverty, etc.   

Fifty years after the first manned mission to the moon represents a chronological line drawn in the sand - their time has ran out!   

Full and complete disclosure begins today, on our schedule.   

Please join this effort by:  
1) Spreading awareness of #DisclosureDay on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and elsewhere. 
2) Sharing all evidence of the UFO/ET reality which you have not disclosed publicly. 
3) Encourage everyone you know to share their evidence with the world as well.   

We have what we need to end the truth embargo. It's in our own pockets, file cabinets, hard drives, safes, and lock boxes. All we have to do is come together in unison at this very moment and put all our pieces together, publicly before the entire world. The result will be out of this world!