Welcome to the UFO Revolution with Colin Christian; A New Interview Series from The Alcyone Project

**Watch UFO Revolution; Episode 1 with Colin Christian**

Welcome to the UFO Revolution! On this, both the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing, as well as international #DisclosureDay, The Alcyone Project launches it's latest effort towards UFO Disclosure with a new interview series hosted by the talented artist and UFO enthusiast, Colin Christian

Each episode, Colin will chat with experts and experiencers, scientists and astronauts, UFO experts, physicists, and more, about the current state of the UFO conversation, advanced technologies, and mind-bending sightings! 

Colin Christian is a world-renown pop artist whose fantastical and highly technical sculptural work defies classification. Born in London in the 1960’s, and relocating to the U.S.A. in the early 90’s, he worked first as a designer of clubwear and fetish clothing, usually created in rubber or vinyl, before moving into his current field of larger-than-life sculptures. These large-format figures feature an amazing degree of realism owing to their construction from silicone and fiberglass, glitter and epoxies, paint and passion. 

His work has a heavy focus on science fiction and the female form, which is a running theme for the artist, but also dips into the realms of outer space, cartoon realism, reinterpreted genitalia, endangered species, and the horror genre. Colin’s talent as a creator of beautiful, yet unusual, things led him to collaborations with musicians Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, The Black Eyed Peas, and Frances Cobain among others. He’s also worked with Sanrio, purveyors of the Hello Kitty brand, and other multi-national companies, and has been exhibited at various galleries, museums, and in private collections around the globe. 

He also has a particular interest in UFOs. 

This recording was originally released on Colin's artist Patreon page as a gift for his fans, and it serves to pull the curtain back on his long time interest in the UFO phenomena for all of us to enjoy!

**Watch UFO Revolution; Episode 1 with Colin Christian**

(Theme music by NewFumes)

Colin with his wife Sas and their fur-baby Daisy.